NOMP pool install guide on ubuntu 16.04 for Elicoin and YescryprR16 algo

Many were asked to write more detailed instructions on how to install the pool on NOMP (for Elicoin and YescryptR16)

So I wrote — how to install a pool for a fresh ELICOIN coin (YescryptR16 algo).

Let’s start. First of all we register ourselves VDS server.

You can rent a server, but for the first time you can use a simple virtual server from sprintbox.

Check in. Just fill out the form — write your mail.

We received a letter with a link to the activation, we will activate it.

Create a box with a tariff ubuntu1604-32gb-2gb-1core

The mail came with data with an ip address of the box and a password from root, connect to it via the PuTTY program

Immediately after connecting, the system asks you to update the password. We write the old password and 2 times a new one and be sure to remember it.

Installing the MC file manager

We write

Run it with the MC command

Go to the root folder and press Ctrl + O to execute commands

 Download and install the wallet ELICOIN

or download compile Elicoin for Ubuntu/Dedian — wget

Let’s start elicoin wallet

On F10 we leave mc and the purse process ends.

Now you need to configure the wallet, go to the /root/.elicoin/ folder and create the elicoin.conf file

Create a file with the command touch elicoin.conf and write there:

We save the file and start elicoind again and see the inscription «Elicoin server starting», it means everything is OK, the purse is started and the synchronization is in progress.

Next, proceed to install the NOMP pool

In the folder home or root, create the pool folder and open it

We copy the NOMP repository for yescryptR16 using the

Now install node.js version 8.x

Let’s establish dependencies for compiling source for some modules node.js

Install the database — Redis

Now go to the node-open-mining-portal and we will install all the NOMP dependencies

Copy the config_example.json file in config.json and configure the config.

In the website and stratumHost section, we write the ip address of the server and change port to 86 for example.
In section adminCenter — we change the password (password) on the.

Open the elicoin.json file from the pool_configs folder
Instead of wallet_address — we write the address from wallet of the purse of the pool (to find out all the addresses of the wallet you need to enter the cli command ./elicoin-cli getaddressesbyaccount «» on install Elicoin wallet)
port — port of the RPC wallet
user — the login of the RPC wallet
password — the password for the RPC wallet
(the data from the RPC wallet is in the .elicoin folder in the elicoin.conf file)

Run the pool

The pool started, we open it - http://ip_aderes_server:86

We created a pool on the NOMP engine for Elicoin crypto currency. This instruction is also suitable for the creation of a pool for the coin of Yenten Coin — it is also the algorithm of YescryptR16.

To start the pool in the background, you can use

You can specify port 80, then the pool will open to an ip address or domain.

please donate to Elicoin: EHHooM1nvHj7VTTwRWTMzvFrmALdjMyN8r

3 thoughts on “NOMP pool install guide on ubuntu 16.04 for Elicoin and YescryprR16 algo

  • 18.05.2018 at 15:41

    Thank you for instruction. I send you 10 ELI coin.
    All works fine, but after find block, not display pending. Also Not send coin every wallet address.

  • 08.06.2018 at 22:39

    NOMP is not vulnerable to the low difficulty share exploits happening to other pool servers. Other pool server software has hardcoded guesstimated max difficulties for new hashing algorithms while NOMP dynamically generates the max difficulty for each algorithm based on values founds in coin source code.


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