How to install faucet script php for Elicoin – yenten faucet script, suitable for any cryptonym (bitcoin, litecoin, doge, zcash, zcoin and other)

Today I will tell you how to install your own crane for the distribution of coins. It is suitable for almost any coin, tk. communicates with the wallet using the rpc protocol and just have it set up, put money in the wallet and watch how the attendance at the crane increases.

We will use the script of the faucet yenten-faucet script php -

The first step is to download the repository to an arbitrary folder

Create a folder faucet in folder /var/web/ (here the default is set yiimp) and copy the crane script files there.

Trying to open a site and see error 404, we need to configure nginx


In folder /etc/nginx/sites-available/ find conf file with your site (for example

and in the end before the last brackets    “}” add the code


Restarting nginx

Now the script opens in the browser, it remains only to configure the files:

In file index.php specify username and password from RPC purse and if you need to change the standard port 9982

In file faucet.php specify the secret key of the reaccess, login, password and port from the RPC purse. The minimum and maximum payout for the visitor’s wallet ($ min and $ max) and the maximum and minimum payout, if he repeatedly wants to make a payment to the same purse (variable $ min_2 and $ max_2).

Design, text and menu caps of rules in the file index.php, coin logo logo.png.


The script is simple, easy and convenient. There is a lock on the timeout of the wallets for which payments are made and ip addresses.

The site for the distribution of coins —

please donate to Elicoin: EHHooM1nvHj7VTTwRWTMzvFrmALdjMyN8r

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