How to set up stratum mining proxy on ubuntu 16.04 (Gudie)

In this brief article, we will consider installing a stratum proxy on ubuntu 16.04

If anyone does not know: Stratum Proxy — allows you to merge the vorkers, reducing traffic to the pool. Automatic Differs (you see a real hashtrack). Usually it is used to merge computers at work and put them into one thread or if there is a firewall then we start all the data through the server. Or for example, to not change the settings on each computer and change only the proxy and all processor power will go to a new location. In general, a useful thing is small and installed on the server or VDS under Linux.

VDS сan be bought here — register.

Install phyton and git

We create a proxy folder in the home directory and download from the github repository


Now go to the stratum-mining-proxy directory and run the distribute installer, it will check the dependencies and install its own


Next, we need to install the phyton and the modules that will be needed for the script


We make the final settings


Run the stratum proxy

where 6333 is the port number and name_pool is the address of the pool (without http and tcp just the ip address or domain name)

Connect to a proxy

where is the address of the server on which the proxy stratum and port with the purse number are installed, all as usual, how to connect to the pool, only the default port 3333.

Hooray, we did it. We use.

p.s.  he himself suffered for a long time with the installation, with all sorts of python dependencies and other glitches, but it turned out — he shared the instructions, use it.

2 thoughts on “How to set up stratum mining proxy on ubuntu 16.04 (Gudie)

  • 19.07.2018 at 22:04

    Когда инфа по созданию NOMP пула на примере YesPower?

    • 10.08.2018 at 13:51

      В сентябре. Сейчас отпуск.


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