How to install and setup Yenten Coin wallet on windows

Today I’ll tell you how to install a purse of the crypto currency for mining on the CPU — yenten coin in windows.

Everything in pictures, everything is pretty simple and clear, in 5 minutes you can do it! We proceed.

The first step is to open the google search engine and enter yenten coin

In the search results, select the site of the coin developer -

On the site we find the section — downloads and click the link Binary (download the already compiled version for your OS)

We switched to the GitHub page of the yenten coin purse, from where we select and download the wallet with the GUI under the windows -

If you have 64 bit windows then download the file and unpack it.

After unpacking we go into the daddy and run the wallet — yenten-qt.exe

If the purse is launched for the first time, it will ask where to store the service files of the wallet, specify the folder where you unpacked the archive or create a new one so that it can be easily found afterwards. there will be stored the configuration file of the wallet and an important file where the keys to the wallet are stored — wallet.dat (it is desirable to save it in a place somewhere in a safe place!)

Close the wallet and go to the folder where its service files are stored, in this folder it is desirable to create a text file yenten.conf and to register nodes for faster synchronization of the wallet from the Internet.
Create and open the yenten.conf file

In the file yenten.conf it is necessary to enter the nodes from this list:

Save and close the config file. Start the purse (file yenten-qt.exe) and go to the file section> the address of the recipient.

We have opened addresses for which we will accept transfers or drop a coin. You can create multiple addresses, but you can use one. Important: when creating a new address — you need to save the wallet.dat with the keys in a safe place.

Copy the address to the clipboard by clicking the right mouse button.

All — we installed a purse, found our purse address, which should be indicated when mining. It remains to wait a few hours until the wallet is synchronized and they can be used.

On the main page of the wallet you can see its balance and current transactions.

The first coins can be obtained free of charge and almost instantly, on a free crate of distribution of coins Yenten -

In the next article I’ll tell you how to use the crane. Welcome to Yenten Coin!


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