How to install the yiimp pool on the ubuntu 16.04 server and configure yenten coin (stratum yescryptr16)

For the sake of interest, I wanted to raise my pool and figure it out. Information on the Internet on how to raise your pool to yiimp and set it up for a coin yenten coin with yescryptr16 support is completely gone. Let’s start.

To raise the pool, we need a dedicated server or VDS.

We will accept inexpensive hosting VDS - sprintbox

So, on the stages I will conduct from the beginning to the end, and you will manage to create your own pool.

register on sprintbox and create VDS with operating system - ubuntu1604-32gb-2gb-1core.

Login by ssh via putty

Asks to change the root password — enter which came to the email and 2 times a new one.

Updating the repositories – apt-get update

Install mc – apt-get install mc

Downloading the unattend install file yiimp – wget

(updated the unattended installation file and added the missing database dumps, you can download it -

In the script of automatic installation there are not enough queries to the database, we fix this by adding lines to the file

After «2017-09-notifications.sql» write

Run the installation script with the command


Time zone we write - Europe/Moscow

Specify — The name of the server or its ip if access is without a domain

Point — EMail box for letters

If you use auto-exchange, then indicate BTC wallet

Control Panel Address (any not standard site_name/site/panel_name)

Ip address from which access to the control panel will be allowed (You can see on the site

Specify — Do you want to install an autobann?

Configure the UFW firewall to standard ports — yes or no

Do you want to install a secure SSL certificate for a domain? — yes or no
 Next comes the automatic installation …. Wait…

Installing the wallet Yenten Coin

Unpack the archive via MC to the folder where we will run the purse daemon.

Setting dependencies for launching a wallet

Run the wallet - ./yentend

And we see an error that the configuration is not configured.

Now in the folder /пользователь/.yenten/ you need to create a file yenten.conf  with content:


Now you need to add yenten coin to stratum:

We go to the folder home or root, find there the folder yiimp and edit the files in the folder stratum.
The first line is the name of the file, the + sign is to add a line, the — sign is to delete the line, it’s pretty simple.




For convenience, made fork yiimp and added the algorithm yescryptR16 for stratum


We recompile stratum

cd $HOME/yiimp/stratum/iniparser

sudo make

cd $HOME/yiimp/stratum

sudo make
and copy the file


in folder /var/stratum

sudo cp -r stratum /var/stratum


Editing  web interface files  - /web/yaamp/core/functions/yaamp.php  - add everywhere after yescrypt our yescryptR16


We resolve the port to connect to 6233 (this is the stratum port for our algorithm)

sudo ufw allow 6233/tcp


Do not forget to create the config file yescryptR16 for stratum from the file yescrypt.conf

Run the pool files:

Everything, our pool will work, there are questions — ask in the comments, maybe banal moments are omitted, but the most difficult — told.

Welcome Yenten coin POOL - or



Напишу еще много интересных статей про нашу монетку. I will write many interesting articles about our coin.

2 thoughts on “How to install the yiimp pool on the ubuntu 16.04 server and configure yenten coin (stratum yescryptr16)

  • 18.05.2018 at 00:20

    How to fix «Reward» amount? Did right number on coin page, but it still says 1.

    • 21.05.2018 at 10:07

      You can change values directly in the database.


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